Agenda of the Workshop

Place of the workshop:

      • Room North G301
      • Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (PACIFICO Yokohama) 1-1-1, Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012, JAPAN

9:00H. – Welcome

Bioinspired aerial robots
  • 9:05H. – Anibal Ollero (University of Seville and CATEC Aerospace Technology Center, Spain)

‘GRIFFIN: A  new generation of flapping-wing robots with autonomous flying and manipulation capabilities’. PDF

  • 9:30H. – Short presentations 1:
    • ‘A Soft Reconfigurable Multirotor With a Multistable Composite Laminate Airframe’ by L. Girardi, G. Risso, L. Pesaresi, P. Ermanni, and S. Mintchev.
    • ‘A Low-cost Fabrication Approach to Embody Flexible and Lightweight Strain Sensing on Flapping Wings’ by S. Wang, M. den Hoed, and S. Hamaza.
    • ‘Active Learning of Discrete-Time Dynamics for Uncertainty-Aware Model Predictive Control’ by A. Saviolo, J. Frey, A. Rathod, M. Diehl, and G. Loianno.
    • ‘An Agile Monopedal Hopping Quadcopter with Synergistic Hybrid Locomotion’ by S. Bai, Q. Pan, R. Ding, H. Jia, Z. Yang, and P. Chirarattananon.
    • ‘Model-Based Lateral Tracking for Bird-Size Ornithopters in Perching Scenario’ by A. Rosa, E. Sanchez-Laulhe, and Anibal Ollero.
  • 09:50H. – Coffee break and poster presentation.
  • 10:25H. – Mirko Kovac (Imperial College, UK)
‘Bio-inspired Aerial Robotics for Environmental Monitoring’. PDF
  • 10:50H. – Hoong Cheol Park (Konkuk University, Korea).

‘Mimicking insect flight: Collision recovery of beetle and flapping flight in low-density-air environment’.

  • 11:10H. – T.Thang Vo-Doan (University of Queensland, Australia)
‘Insect-machine hybrid robots: Remote flight control for living insects’.
  • 11:30H. – Pauline Pounds (University of Queensland, Australia)
‘Bio-inspired Drones and Sensors’. PDF
  • 11:50H. -Discussion 1: ‘The role of bioinspiration in aerial robotics’.
  • 12:13H. -Lunch.
Morphing, soft aerial robots and other innovations
  • 13:30H. – Dario Floreano (EPFl, Switzerland)
‘Tensegrity Design of Resilient Drones’.
  • 13:55H. – Begoña Arrue (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain)
‘Soft Aerial Robots and Applications’. PDF
  • 14:15H. – Josie Hughes (EPFl, Switzerland)
‘Exploiting Compliant and Environmentally Constrained Structures for Aerial Robots’.
  • 14:35H. – Stefano Stramigioli (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

‘Multi-physics modeling in flapping flight: the PortWings story’.

  • 15:00H. -Harry Vourtsis (EPFl, Switzerland)
‘Morphing drones for inspecting and monitoring power infrastructure’.
  • 15:20H. – Jaime Marco-Rider (VES Robotics Applications, Spain)
‘Novel concepts in the AEROX Aerial manipulation system for industrial contact inspections’. PDF
  • 15:40H. – Short presentations 2 (4 papers):
    • ‘Actor-Critic Model Predictive Control’ by A. Romero, Y. Song, and D. Scaramuzza.
    • ‘FPGA-Based Neural Thrust Controller for UAVs’ by S. Azem, D. Scheunert, M. Li, J. Gehrunger, K. Cui, C. Hochberger, and H. Koeppl.
    • ‘Dynamic Modeling of Deformable Propeller under Collision Hung’ by T. Pham, Q. Ngoc Pham, G .Loianno and Van Anh Ho.
    • ‘Asymmetric Mechanosensing for Uncertainty Reduction in Bio-Inspired Flight’ by T. A. Kent, K. E. Stanchak, B. Brunton, and S. Bergbreiter. 
  • 16:00H. – Coffee Break.
  • 16:25H. – Discussion 2: ‘The role of morphing, soft robotics and other innovations’.
  • 16:40H. – Meeting of the IEEE TC Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles including presentation of the IEEE Transactions on Field Robotics.
  • 17:00H. – End of the Workshop.